Charm of Soul Pets Update!

Hey everyone! Making a post to round out the year! TCOSP will be taking a break from Christmas to the New Year. I really want to spend time with my family, and ya'll should too. That being said, its been a great and crazy year, and thanks to everyone whos come along for the journey. You guys are my second family   . We've cried with Zhan Ye and Chu Mu. We've laughed with the White Nightmare Army. We've believed again with Chu Mu's persistence. We've understood loss with the little dragon. We've experienced so many things together as a family together and it's honestly been awesome. We're only getting started! Happy holidays and early new years to everyone!! 2019 was the year of change. There's been ups and downs, but we made it! 2020 is a new decade and new turning point. To TCSOP, and to the future! Cheers!