🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 33 🦊

Hello! Happy Hump Day!!  Enjoy the new chapter ^_^ If you haven't seen already, we got a patreon, and you can get some cool collectibles! I sent out the first batch earlier this week, so there's only a couple left.

On another note, since ya'll like my family already and I love ya'll, I was thinking if we wanted to create a fan base name?? Biebers got his beliebers, Benedict has his cumberb***ches... what are we?? Pet heads? Trainers??? Mo Xietters (LOL)?? HMU with some suggestions, so we can establish our own family/clan name! :D

Translating Song of the Day: Pursuit of Happiness - Steve Aoki Remix

Drink of the week: Tokyo Tea!


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