🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 25 🦊

Hello Hello!

A couple of cool things here, we been trying to interact and get some cool stuff for our readers, and we just got in something WE think will be cool.. but hopefully you guys will as well! Check it out below!


Is that cool or what?? (I think it is...) We have created some custom collectibles with the chinese words inscribed "Chong Mei" (pictured above, pen is for scale) aka the chinese title of the book. We're only shipping out 10 sets of 2, and you can use these as a pendant, a necklace, a cool charm on your phone, attach it to your backpack.. you name it! :D So.. if you're interested, check out our patreon!






On a side note, chapter is also up, click the read chapter button in the bottom right and enjoy :)

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