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Alright, lately I've been off the reddit game :(. Sorry to all my readers coming from there, it's just been hard with so much going on in my personal life. But don't worry, this is good for ya'll! If any of you are interested in helping me do daily reddit posts (i'm not looking for anything crazy, you dont have to be on call at all hours to post XD), I'll be willing to give you access to the drive (aka you get to read ahead)!! Just looking for consistency, and posting should be EZ-PZ :). Drop me an email at [email protected], and I'll select one of ya'll! thanks fam, and enjoy!

Translating Song of the day: Vice Tone - White Lies Drink of the week: Goose 312

P.S. As always, the read chapter button is in the bottom right! Interested in seeing what some soul pets look like? Or maybe you want to snag a cool chong mei collectible, or a cyan dragon! Or maybeee you want to read just a litttleee ahead! Either way, hit up that patreon if you're interested :)

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