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Hello everyone! Special announcement here... we've decided to open up a commissioned artwork page for CoSP on WuxiaWorld!! We wanted to thank ALL our readers!! That's why, we want to move all comissioned artwork that we are currently paying for to be viewed for free by everyone :D. As for why its taken so long.... lemme just say its not as easy to get good artwork as you'd might think (especially for someone who doesn't read the novel!) So after like 20 artists and $$$ later.... I think I finally found one I like. So debuting her masterpiece of Mo Xie.... check it out below. And check out some past artwork here, where all the other artwork will be :D. Thanks for everyone's long term support, and enjoy the chapter!



hahaha if you read this far and were smart enough to highlight this..... secret contest! Comment below your favorite tv show, and I'ma pick three winners to get free access to the CoSP drive) this is a celebration of reaching 200!!!) woohoo. I wonder if anyone will take the time to read all that AND highlight this....



Translating Song of the day: I'll be there for you - friends (tv show)!

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