TE Exclusive Sponsor Tier and Bonus Chaps To Celebrate Moving To The Dark Reverie!

Hi everyone!

At the end of this week, the 5th of August, the Talisman Emperor Tier that provides full access to every single chapter I have as soon as I finish translating the chapter will be transformed into an exclusive tier. This means that from the 6th of August onward, only existing sponsors to the tier will be able to renew their monthly sponsorship in the tier, whereas, new admittance will not be open under normal circumstances. Yes, since I said normal circumstances, there are 'abnormal' circumstances. I'll be opening the tier up for sponsorship every now and then, or I'll give out invitations to join the tier to select existing sponsors in other tiers, or it will be opened up for sponsorship during certain events and occasions.

Besides that, TE will be having 21 chaps in total this week!! 14 regular chaps, 5 chaps from the 500 chapter milestone, and 2 more just because we're entering the Dark Reverie!!

P.S. Do check out my 2nd novel, God of Illusions, HERE!!