⚔️TE Contest Results + 14 Chaps A Week Coming Early!!⚔️

Hi everyone,

I received an overwhelming amount of entries(3) and after long and hard deliberation, the results have finally come out.

We have three special mentions this time, for obvious reasons.(I'm doing them in alphabetical order and no favouritism is present in this post, even though Aly wanted to be first. XD)

First, we have the submission of alyschu. A superb doodle of Chen Xi being sucked into the Jade Pendant.

Do check out her novels, Against the Gods and Spirit Realm, hopefully for more doodles, or at the very least, a pole dancing bunny?

Next, we have the submission of the great Deathblade. An ingenious comic of the first line of chapter 1.

I guess it goes without saying when it comes to DB, A Will Eternal is the novel to read!

The final submission is from translationraven, a sketch of RWX showing off his brand new talisman!

Check out the novel of the 'BEST TL IN EUROPE', TranXending Vision, for some lewd fun!! :P

That's all the submissions I got, sadly.
Anyway, since we have three special mentions, instead of starting 14 chaps a week on the 16th of April, it will be starting tomorrow! YAY!