Talisman Emperor Sponsor Announcement

Hi everyone,
This post is mainly for people that have joined or are about to join the Talisman Emperor sponsor tier.
I've decided to implement a minimum amount of updates per month for the top tier, and I'll announce the monthly total of chapters a few days before the month begins. (Minimum monthly updates will be at least 60 even in my busiest month.)
For example, I'll be promising 70 chaps updated for the top tier next month, and I'll announce different amounts each month according to how much time I think I will have. This means that the top tier will gain an extra 10 chapters when compared to the normal release or other tiers next month. 

So, chap count in June for Talisman Emperor tier = ch537 until ch606

Secondly, the month is about to end. All tiers with bonuses according to total number of sponsors will be reset to the amount of sponsors currently sponsoring. I'll be doing a reset like this at the beginning of every month, and there'll only be increases according to sponsors but no decreases if sponsors upgrade throughout the month.

P.S. There will be times when i use up this extra stock, like when i have bonuses to give out to promote my 2nd novel on Volare in July. But, I'll be promising at least 60 new translated chapters each month for the top tier, and it will always be a total of 100+ in advance no matter what! :D