Possible Disruption Next Week

Hi everyone,
I have to say sorry first to everyone especially the sponsors of TE. I know everyone, especially the sponsors in the Oracle Mountain Tier were looking forward to more chaps since I just returned from my holiday (Tokyo) today. 

Unfortunately, I came back to the news that my Aunt passed away this morning. So, I'll have to fly over tomorrow morning to attend the funeral and further family matters for 3 days(Sun, Mon, and Tue).

I've pretty much burned down my stockpile to the point I only had enough for today and tomorrow, and I was actually hoping to replenish it tomorrow. However, due to the current circumstances, I might have to owe some chapters on Monday and Tuesday if I'm unable to find the time to TL while attending to these matters.

There's no need to worry about it because I'll probably be able to make up for those chapters by the end of the week, and this post is just to notify everyone that there might not be any chapters on Monday and Tuesday. 

Sorry again, and thanks for your understanding.

P.S. My timezone is GMT+8 so the days according to my timezone.