Talisman Emperor One Year Anniversary Event Results

Talisman Emperor is finally a year old! Well it was actually around 13hours ago when the first announcement was made~

Quick shameless reminder before I announce the winners.
The subscription period for the UNLIMITED tier named 'Talisman Emperor' has been extended until the 1st of October!

Now for the list of winners.
The winner of the upgraded copy is EpicLegion!!! - (Claimed)

The four winners of the standard copies are:
Krazey - (Claimed)
Dave212 - (Claimed)
zedleeftw - (Claimed)
Laoshifu - (Claimed)

Congratulations to everyone that did win and sorry to everyone that didn't. Good luck in the next event I hold.
It was a really close RNG battle because I only received 9 entries from 8 people >..>

Winners, please send me an email with your game of choice and country of residence so I can buy the copy from the right source. I'll be sending all of you an email as well once I'm done with a few chapters for today. As mentioned before, you have a week to claim your prizes.

Thanks and enjoy the novel as usual!