Happy CNY! Oracle Mountain is open again!

Hi everyone, 

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Just wanted to wish everyone and let you know that I've opened up the Oracle Mountain Tier again. 

I would give out some bonus chapters for the occasion but I just did the 5 chaps for 1700 public chaps bonus, so no extra chaps this time! Sorry!

The tier will be open until the end of January, last day will be on the 1st of February.

If you're a subscriber of a higher tier like the Fiendgod tier and wish to be moved down because your subscription will only be renewed after the 1st of February(because the system doesn't allow 'downgrades' until the subscription period is up), then drop me an email at [email protected] or send me a PM on discord.

Please do send me these emails/PMs by Sunday because this is a manual task. I'm going to ask our Technomancers to help me with that on Monday, and I don't want to trouble them repeatedly.

P.S. Take care of yourselves and stay safe from the new Coronavirus!