Early 1000 Chapter Milestone Announcement!

Hi everyone, 

We'll be hitting 1,000 chapters on the last day of February, 10 days from now!

Time really flies. It feels like not too long ago that I started doing TE at 7 chapters a week if I remember correctly. Now we're at 14 chapters a week with a bunch of bonuses, and we're almost halfway to completion! 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me so far into this journey, and I hope you'll all be there to get through the finish line with me.

Now as promised before, there'll be two things happening during the milestone period.

1) There'll be a total of 14 extra chapters distributed on a daily basis from the 1st to 14th of March. So, those 2 weeks will have a total of 3 chapters every single day!

2) The Unlimited Oracle Mountain Tier has been reopened for sponsorship, and it will stay reopened until the 31st of March!

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you enjoy the story and the extra chapters that are coming soon!

P.S. I'm making this announcement early because I'm going on a short 3 day vacation nearby from the 28th to celebrate, and I won't have the time to write up a post like this! XD 

P.P.S. Chapters will be posted as usual during my vacation! :D