The Impending End of Talisman Emperor and the Completion Dates for Each Tier :)

Hi everyone,

This journey that started 3 years ago is finally coming to an end. Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for the support you've given me throughout this ride through Chen Xi's life.

 I've made this post as a notification towards the approximate completion dates for each tier, please do prepare to set your subscriptions to not renew once you get close enough to the relevant completion dates.

First things first, I've decided to extend the Quarantine Relief bonus chapters until the novel ends. Why? Because it'll trouble everyone with having to wait a few days to catch back up. So, all the current advanced chapter levels stay until the end! Yay! :D 

I say they are approximate completion dates because it's really difficult to calculate when I have to consider both the milestone bonus chaps and the epilogue chaps which the author himself splits into numerous huge chunks but actually consist of only 5 epilogue stories. I might have made mistakes with the calculations because of that. I apologize if I did make mistakes because I'm counting so far ahead, but I'll try to double check and update this list, if necessary, once we get closer. Feel free to drop me a message if you notice any mistakes. :)

I apologize to those who may not be able to get their every dollar's worth because of the novel's completion, but perhaps you'll be able to look on the bright side. No more cliffs and smooth sailing until the end! XD

I've only given a rough estimate for the unlimited tiers because it depends on how fast I translate and real life circumstances.

The table with the completion dates can be found below.

Tier NameCompletion Date
Complete9th of October
Golden Core Realm8th of October
Talisman Trainee7th of October
Rebirth Realm6th of October
Talisman Apprentice4th of October
Nether Transformation Realm2nd of October
Talisman Master30th of September
Earthly Immortal Realm26th of September
Talisman Formation Master24th of September
Heavenly Immortal Realm21st of September
Grand Talisman Formation Master18th of September
Mysterious Immortal Realm15th of September
Talisman Formation Grandmaster14th of September
Golden Immortal Realm11th of September
Mortal Dimension9th of September
Immortal Dimension6th of September
Netherworld3rd of September
Three Dimensions31st of August
Emperor26th of August
Monarch23rd of August
Sovereign17th of August
Oracle MountainMid July
Pine MistMid July
Dragon LakeMid July
Dark ReverieMid July
DaolordMid July
FiendgodMid July

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