2000 Chapters Milestone! 14 Bonus Chaps!

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the year again.   

Yup, we've hit 2000 public chaps!!!

Here comes the information that I think most people wanted to know when they clicked on this post. I'll be posting 8 bonus chaps today, and the other 6 will be posted over the course of 3 days. XD

So, to summarize, 8 bonus chaps on Monday(today), 2 bonus chaps on Tuesday, 2 bonus chaps on Wednesday, and 2 bonus chaps on Thursday.

I'd love to make a lengthy post right now, but I really have to get back to translating if I want to meet the schedule that I just promised. So let's just leave this short and sweet?   

Thanks for the support and love over the years.