1900 Milestone Bonus Is Here! 2000 Is Coming Soon!

Early chapters! Yay! We're almost at the 2000 mark!   

Sometimes it amazes me how time flies. I feel like it has been a year or maybe 1.5 years since translating TE became my full time job. But the truth is... we're a little over 4 months away from 3 years of TE. Based on my estimations, top sponsors should be able to finish reading the entire novel around the end of July(I'll make a post in the future to notify sponsors of the exact dates for each tier); public chaps should be done around the end of September(I launched TE on the 10th of September in 2017).

I actually wanted to ask if you would prefer the upcoming 14 bonus chapters for the 2000 chapter milestone in the form of 1 bonus chapter a day over 2 weeks or 2 bonus chapters a day over 1 week. I'm asking much earlier because a 14 chapter bonus involves a good amount of prep work, and I have to sort of schedule how I'll get them done for the posting. I've kinda gotten tired of polls, so please do leave comments with your opinions in the comment section below. You can always just type 2 week/1week, and you can even provide feedback to me or suggestions about a different method of posting the bonus chapters.

I promise I'll read every single comment. Probably won't reply to all of them because I have to go translate today's chapters for ASD now, and then get to work on tomorrow's chapters.   

If you have enjoyed the novel and my translation, please do consider supporting me. The best way would be to sponsor because you'll get advanced chapters to read ahead, but if you're feeling generous, please do consider dropping a donation here!

P.S. Stay safe and healthy <3