PSA On Stellar Transformations

Hey guys, I think most of you are aware of this by now, but since I see comments on it every so often, I wanted to make it clearer for the newer fans; currently, Stellar Transformations is being actively translated at two locations; Rylain at Nightbreeze Translations and thunder at Thunder Translations. The translation at Wuxiaworld stopped at Book 11, Chapter 32. Nightbreeze has translated chapters 33 - 53, while thunder has translated chapters 49 - 64.

I've spoken to both translators, and so for chapters 33 - 48, the relevant ST pages on Wuxiaworld now has links to Nightbreeze's translation, while from chapter 49 onwards, thunder has agreed to let me fully mirror his translation releases here, so new readers have a place to read from start to finish. Note that the latest chapter updates will be at Nightbreeze/thunder, as thunder has requested that for now, I stay at least 1-2 chapters behind his latest release, which makes perfect sense to me.

Hopefully, this is of some use to some of our ST fans! :)