And Thus The (Star) Odyssey Begins

Hey guys, long time no see! Felt kinda weird being quiet the past six months, but boy is it refreshing. Maybe transitioning from Warlock of the Magus World to City of Sin so quickly wasn't the best idea? Well, spilled milk; it's not like we haven't been translating just because we didn't post. You guys have been so kind as to love our last two books, so I guess the pressure was pretty high to follow up with the third? It was for me, anyway; I didn't just want another perspective on a D&D-inspired book, I believe we've brought enough to the table with WMW and CoS. So I went through who-knows-how-many options before settling on one which I loved and believe you will too: Star Odyssey! The book has over 2,000 chapters on Zongheng and is still ongoing, so it'll be our biggest translation effort by far. As such, we're launching directly at two chapters a day, every day. Here's the gist:

What do you get when you mix light xianxia and comedy with casual sci-fi? A hilarious romp-n-stomp through space, that's what! Grandpas? Check, but they're annoyances. World-ending indifferent beauties? Check, but they're not really love interests. Overpowered abilities? Sure, but tons of people have em. This is a story about an amnesiac youth who experiences life both ways; building up from the bottom and reigning from above. Throw in some kingdom-building, face-slapping, exploration, hints of romance, and cultivation, and it's a mix that kept me interested in every chapter. Not really much filler, either; the plot moves at a breakneck pace. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

On another note, here's a message from Theo, the only editor I've been working with for nearly four years and both novels: Been a while since I've done this, and it feels weird that it might be my last. Anyway, here goes. As always, OMA's chosen something I personally am riveted by; I'm genuinely invested in Lu Yin's journey. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring all of this story to you all in my words; I'm taking a step back from editing with OMA and leaving the book in the capable hands of new team members Neshi and Nyxnox after the first hundred chapters. I'm not gone for good, however. Behind the scenes, I've been working on the ebooks for City of Sin, trying to turn the book from a web serial into a traditional novel series. The project is way more ambitious than I first thought it was, but it's coming along well and I'm transitioning to work on that solely. There's no release date for the CoS ebooks yet, but keep your eyes peeled; we'll announce everywhere when we go live. I hope I'll be able to show Richard's story in a new format soon enough, but I'm sure Lu Yin will keep you fascinated in the meanwhile. Thanks for everything guys, and holler in the discord if you wanna talk. See ya!

With all that said, adventurers, see you on the Star Odyssey!