Spirit Realm: The End is Here & HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!

With the release of chapter 1841, Spirit Realm is complete! Thanks for all the support everyone!

I wrote a decently-sized announcement here but accidentally pressed the sidebar and it's all gone now :(. I'll spare you all from that wall of text since I barely remember the details (goldfish memory).

Happy early lunar new year everyone! Clean today or before the new year, else you'll sweep all your good luck away! Or so goes the superstition.

ps. No specific spoilers but I just wanted to say something to those us who have read to the end. I saw the comments in the last chapter and I think the ending was okay. My main gripe with the ending was that he didn't bang best girl. Nothing is more important than that.

pps. The Spirit Realm team is currently working on our new novel at the moment, and waiting on Ren to spring back to life so we can start publishing. It's a VRMMO and our MC plays an undead character.What he said.

ppps. A word from Craxuan: It's Chinese New Year Eve, and we're slaving away 1 chapter per day to push out the new novel as soon as we can. So when it comes out, support it if you like it.