More chapters for Spirit Realm!

Hi all, alyschu here!

I've been mostly MIA for a loooong time now in terms of anything on the website (shout out to Rubble and Nabuch for managing site related matters for me) and I've finally crawled out from under my rock. I can't say for sure when I'll have to go back into my burrow again but I'll be trying to keep myself up to date with all your lovely comments until that happens. Anyhoo, I'll save you guys from more of my rambling and get back to the point of this post. 

It's summertime now and the team has a special present for all of you Spirit Realm readers. For our beautiful free readers, the release rate will be increasing to 12/week from the month of July and on! For our amazing sponsors, aside from the first tier that I can't change because I'm not allowed to touch the price due to stripe, there will be new tiers added for your consumption and extra chapters across the board for old tiers! These new changes will stay until we reach the mid 1800s, which spells the end of the novel! This will be our thanks to all you readers as we march on to the finish line! 

Changes for old chapter tiers are down below for those of you that are too lazy to look at them in the sponsor page.

Manifestation Realm: 4 -> 5

Netherpassage Realm: 7 -> 10

Fulfillment Realm: 10 -> 15

Happy reading! xxx

Ps. If anyone was wondering why we didn't start at the beginning of July, I had this thought out of the blue on July 4th after watching the fireworks that night. There will be an extra 2 chapters released sometime soon for the first week because we actually still had it scheduled for the typical 10 we had previously before I messed all that up. This means that there will be 14 chapters this week and then 12 every week after that.