SOTR 2000th Chapterversary WINNERS ARE OUT!

Hello all!

Thank you ever so much for participating in this fabulous celebration. At the end of the day, we had over 130 submissions and a couple of thousand votes! The turnout was quite something, and it was absolutely wonderful to read everyone's submissions!

Those of you who've been following the news know that we did have a sliiiight issue with cheaters (which caused a delay in the winner announcement), more of how we found them and dealt with them here:

We have our winners, and they are:

Congratulations to all the winners! I loved the submissions looking at things from another perspective, whether the Goldbiter Rats, one of JC's old men, or one of his women. You can read all of the submissions here, and two lucky community voters will be selected for a cash prize as well!

I actually had a few favorites who didn't make it onto the list, so I've decided to send them a holiday greeting and one of my pins! <3 Please check your messages, everyone! 

This hereby concludes the 2000 chapter celebrations (good thing, since we're almost at 2100 chapters now lol!). The novel wraps up in ~250 chapters, so please stay with us to the very end.

<3 etvo