Happy One Thousand Chapters SOTR! & SWITCH, JBL, RAZER GIVEAWAY

The winners for the SOTR 1000 giveaway have been picked! We received over 300 entries and of those, 270+ qualified entries. There were so many thoughtful, funny, and savage reviews! I enjoyed reading them all, thank you guys for loving these novels as much as the translators do! In order of ranking:

#1: Dibbadri

#2: madokalyrical

#3: Cururu

#4: ziriafen

#5: piyush

We will be reaching out shortly and working our way down the list to have people pick their prize! Dibbadri you have until Sunday, midnight GMT +8 (that's noon, Sunday US EST) to respond before we move down the list~

Thank you all once again for participating. <3 <3 <3

Omg. Where's the confetti? Bring out the fireworks! LET'S HIT A PINATA FOR IT IS THE 1000TH CHAPTERVERSARY FOR SOVEREIGN OF THE THREE REALMS!!

Jiang Chen's Pokemon and old men harem dance par-tay!

First off, a huge THANK YOU for everyone reading this. I got started in November of 2015 and am still here 2.5 years strong, 1000 chapters later! (and a move from the US to Taiwan, TW to US, again US to TW during this time... as well as two other jobs!) This is possible because of you. Readers who comment and speculate how JC's mom will react to his old men harem. Readers who talk up SOTR in NUF and Reddit (hell yeah to every shout out!). Readers who are staunchly anti-pirate. And the super OG readers who followed me when SOTR was neither on volare or WW! Man, I can't believe so much history is here! O_O

As the scene has evolved, reader support is more important than ever. Some of you have asked when my higher tiers would be available in WW's in-house, and they're here today! Support me on Patreon if you just want to add to my tea supply (and I definitely do with all the 2am'ers...) or here on WW if you want advance chapters! And for all readers, I think I made my entire team cry because I kept prodding them for bonus chapters to release today. XD

But wait, what's this about a giveaway? This is a party after all! 


  1. One Nintendo Switch (neon blue and red joy-con) in honor of Jiang Chen's gaming/gambling/betting addiction.
  2. One JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker in honor of JC's first Pokemon, the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice. You can take this out under the scorching sun on the beach and not worry if some young master throws it into the waves.
  3. One Razer Death Adder Elite Mouse (SKT T1 Edition) in honor of my favorite LOL team. Here's to all the times we bet chapters on the outcome of games!
  4. Two 1 month access to Empyrean Realm. That means you will always be 25 chapters ahead of release for an entire month!


  1. Leave a rating and write a review for SOTR on the NovelUpdates page. Also, add it to your reading list to help SOTR climb the ranks! I am not soliciting positive-only reviews. Write what you'd like! Each SOTR review represents one entry in the giveaway.
  2. If you want another two entries, rate and review my other novel, Return of the Swallow, on the NovelUpdates page as well. That's right! Rating and reviewing ROS will give you two additional entries, but you must do SOTR as well! ROS reviews are add-on only. ROS entries by themselves without SOTR will not be considered.
  3. Email [email protected] with your NU username, date of review, and novel reviewed for verification. Entries will not be considered if any info is missing! Have mercy on my poor staff, Sigil. <3
  4. You will receive an email response unless you send in an ROS only entry. ROS only entries without SOTR will not be considered or responded to. Everyone can have a maximum of three entries (1 SOTR + 2 ROS)
  5. Get those entries in by noon, June 4th GMT+8! That's midnight, June 3rd US EST.


  • How are you choosing the winners?
    • Random number generator <3. 
    • Ie. I review both SOTR and ROS, and Sigil reviews only SOTR. Upon successful verification, entry #51, 52, 53 are etvo. Entry #54 is Sigil. Entry #55 is the next reader.
    • After RNG chooses five numbers, I will rank entries based on quality and depth of review. I will not penalize negative reviews. Winner can choose their prizes based on ranking.
    • Ie. RNG chooses #53 and #54. #53 is a single line about how "SOTR is cool. U guys shud read." while #54 goes into a rant of how nonsensical and shallow the relationships in SOTR are. I will most likely rank #54 higher, unless it insults the author or me somehow.
  • I've already reviewed SOTR and/or ROS!
    • No worries! Update your review and send in your entry!
  • I've been stacking chapters to binge read!
    • No problem, giveaway ends in 10 days at noon, June 4th GMT+8! That's midnight, June 3rd US EST. That includes two weekends, and you guys always tell me how you read a chapter in 20 seconds. XDD There's only 80+ chapters out for ROS, so that should go by even faster!
  • It's really hard to ship to my country!
    • Indeed, some places are hard to ship to. We'll work something out!

Thanks for sticking with me all this time, here's to the next 1000 chapters to come! So much <3 to you all!

<3 etvo

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