etvo's three year translating anniversary! (psst celebratory giveaway!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you're looking forward stuffing yourself with tons of turkey and then drooling on the couch with a sweet nap.

Coincidentally, this is also when I posted my first webnovel chapter ever, three years ago. Cowabunga, it's been three years! They say three time's the charm. Definitely feels that way as it seems like I’ve only found my translating feet this year!

A huge THANK YOU to my readers!! You guys are the reason why we're all here. Also a huge thank you to my old editors, helpers past and present (As of Nov they're Citrus, cyan, and CV!), as well as all of my lovely colleagues. Definitely big shout outs to volare and WW for hosting me and making this all possible!

So to celebrate, please leave a comment on either my Twitter post, or IG post for a chance to win a copy of Pokémon Let’s Go or etvo scribbles (comes with Japan or Taiwan souvenirs)! Thankfully there's no old men harem games or I'd offer that up as a prize too! XD Alright, if you really hate Pokemon, I could switch it out for Super Smash (Switch) or Mario Party (Switch).

In addition! If either my Twitter or IG reaches 1,500 followers, I'll throw in even moar bonus releases!

Psst. Which of my novels is your fav? SOTR and ROS are my active ones, I finished group novel DCF and did a good chunk of GDK as well!