etvo Q&A donezo~

To celebrate ROS 50, I'm hosting a Q&A to chit chat about stuff. Let’s chat about prizes for SOTR 1000, SOTR, life of a translator, wuxia, Chinese webnovels, and... mah favorite bubble tea??

[edit] Thanks for tuning in! In which we ascertain Pill King Lu Feng is my favorite old man waifu, Earl Grey & fresh milk & bubbles brewed in brown sugar are my favorite, and we've got the rise of the young men harem coming up! huehuehue

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Happy One Thousand Chapters SOTR! & SWITCH, JBL, RAZER GIVEAWAY

The winners for the SOTR 1000 giveaway have been picked! We received over 300 entries and of those, 270+ qualified entries. There were so many thoughtful, funny, and savage reviews! I enjoyed reading them all, thank you guys for loving these novels as much...

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