Spilling the Tea and Other Announcements

Hello SLRers, long time no chat! Hope everyone’s been doing well:)

I have several things to address today. And yes. The title is clickbait because there’s no tea to spill. Or is there?

First off, we have another translator with us, PlumpCat! He’ll be translating some chapters here and there. Please give him a plump welcome! He mainly translates another novel, Etranger, so make sure to go check it out (yes free promo)!

Next, this is an announcement for advanced chapter readers only, so the rest of you can enjoy the FAQ below. 

An apology is in order for the top-tier advanced chapter readers. I’m sorry I accidentally only uploaded the first half of the two newest chapters initially. While the problem was fixed within a few hours and the full version is re-uploaded, I offer my sincere apologies since it’s definitely a mistake on my part. It was not intentional, and we will never upload incomplete SLR Chapters on purpose. To try to make up for this, there will be a double chapter release today! I know it can’t compensate for the frustration of seeing an incomplete chapter, but I assure you there won’t be any of them posted again.

I’ve also prepared a little FAQ of sorts. If you ask questions below, I’ll try to answer them as well.

Q: Why is a certain term translated this way?

A: It may be due to variations in spelling, decisions made for easier comprehension, or due to my limited brain space that causes me to make mistakes all the time. If you have specific things you want to point out, please send them to the SLR Discord channel or comment on the chapter (the slower method).

Q: When is the next tier coming out?

A: I’ve been extremely busy with IRL stuff, but I’m almost done, and with Plump helping, you should see another tier soon… somewhere between a fast soon and a slow soon;)

Q: Why are the chapters getting shorter and shorter?

A: *cracks knuckles* I can assure you they are most definitely NOT (except for when I accidentally uploaded half a chapter this week). You can speak to the hours I spend toiling over chapters every day:) 

Jokes aside, each chapter is approximately the same length as they have been in the past and they will continue to be in the future. 

Some additional story-related comments I want to make while I’m here:

  • Allforone is “all for one.”

  • The darkness Jeong-woo returned to is the Black King’s darkness. The Black King can also be translated as Dark King. 

  • The term “Ideas” refers to Plato’s Theory of Ideas.

  • The Giant species and the Giants in Tartarus are different types of beings; to be exact, the Giants in Tartarus are Gigantes, which are Greek Giants. 

Finally, thank you so much for all those messages of encouragement and gratitude! They make my day. Send more to boost my ego! And I also appreciate the kind manner in how y’all have been sending in your constructive criticism. 

Thanks to the stars,