Another Life for Second Life Ranker

Hello SLR readers~

Second Life Ranker is finally back and ready to start up again! 

Thanks a million:

Thank you all readers, old and new, for supporting SLR. It hasn’t been an easy journey to get to where we are, but since we now have the official backing of Dreambooks and Wuxiaworld, I’ll do my best to translate to everyone’s satisfaction;) Also, a big shoutout to my editor, MPL, for putting up with my (slipshod) translations, hehe. MPL has been working hard to re-edit all the chapters. Some of you may have noticed a lot of typos in chapters, but that’s because MPL didn’t get to them. I’m super grateful for how understanding everyone’s been while we go back and fix past errors:)

There are also a bunch of people behind the scenes that I can’t name because there are so many, but a huge thanks to you as well.

Misc. info:

I’ll be translating one chapter per day, no break days (yet)!

Again, not all the chapters are re-edited yet so we ask for your patience. We decided to release unedited chapters so we could have the newest chapters from 371 out asap.

If you notice any errors, you can put ‘em in the Discord (preferably in the SLR channel). 

There’s still a bunch of chapters left—more than a year’s worth—so we have a nice journey awaiting us. Hold on to your popcorn, folks. 

Thank you to the stars,