Releases resume shortly + Sponsor art gift #5

Hi everyone, I'm rested up from surgery and will begin posting chapters shortly. I still have a mouthful of stitches; the full recovery will take a good week or two. But I'm well enough (and have enough pain meds) to get back to work right now. In the meantime, sponsor art gift #5 is here in the translator notes of chapter 605. It's an amazing depiction of a character who originally appears a good 30-40 chapters before chapter 605. Hmm, who might it be? Sponsors, just click through to find out. For those who are at a lower sponsor level, don't worry, it will filter down to you soon. Also included in chapter 605 is a bonus link to art gift #4 which is a depiction of the Central Planetary River.

Thank you everyone for your support during my short surgery break, and also for supporting this translation! And now, I'm off to get today's chapters ready!