💖 Princess Deathblade is finally here 💖

The day has finally come. Princess Deathblade is here, bringing the Deathblade Clan membership to a total of four. She’s beautiful and healthy, and her brother already loves her to death. Suffice to say, the sleep deprivation and exhaustion have already set in for mom and dad, although her lovely little face makes it all worth it in the end. I’ll be sharing more info and some pictures in a few days in my e-mail newsletter.

In terms of releases, as I’ve mentioned, I have a stockpile of chapters that should ensure regular releases continue. The main thing in question is the timing of said releases. There may be days where chapter uploads or releases are not at the normal time. If there is ever a situation where many hours have passed and you think I might have forgotten the day’s chapters, feel free to ping me on Discord, Twitter, etc. Although I hope to avoid it, there could conceivably be some emergency situation in which I unexpectedly skip a release or even a day. Hopefully, that won't happen though. Fingers crossed I can get back into a routine before reaching the end of my stockpile.  

Thanks to everyone for your support, whether it’s sponsoring, commenting, or simply just reading!