Mostly moved, chapters resuming

Chapter releases will resume today. I'm mostly moved into a temporary office in my parents place. For those of you who keep up with the news, the coronavirus situation is still getting worse, with a suspected case here in San Diego, and travel restrictions getting more strict for China. Because of that, no news regarding our long-term plan. 

It's been a grueling time with the move, and there are still a few things left to pack and remove from the old apartment. Plus, I have stitches coming out today, as well as a few other personal things to take care of over the next few days. Long story short, I won't be online and back to work until Friday, and will draw on stockpile in the meantime. Usually I keep up with typo reports and whatnot, but I'm too busy at the moment, when I get back to normal work schedule, I'll go back to review all comments. 

Sorry for these spammy messages, but I don't have any other easy way to communicate about the schedule. Alright, rushing to make some coffee and take BDB to school. Bye for now!