Major Announcement

Greetings Fellow Daoists,

Some of you might remember that, a few months ago, I alluded to a situation that might involve a big interruption to my translation schedule. And some of you might have noticed that I’ve been a bit distracted recently, and have even had a few situations where I missed a typo report, forgot to launch a chapter, etc.

The time has come to explain.

The Deathblade Clan is expecting a new member soon. That’s right, Madam Deathblade is pregnant, and we expect Princess Deathblade to be coming in early July. Of course, given how babies are, you never know if she’ll come a bit earlier or later. The past several months have been a bit crazy with doctor appointments, moving, lockdown, cabin fever, etc., thus my general state of distraction.

I have a plan for chapter releases when the baby comes; thankfully, I built a huge stockpile in preparation for the trip to China that never happened, and I’ve been sitting on that stockpile this entire time. Because of that, I don’t anticipate any major delay in chapters. Releases should continue at 2 per day, every day. That said, there will probably be some days here or there where I will be too busy to upload and schedule chapters. This is not to mention the fact that we are still waiting to move into a new apartment. The date for the apartment move is tentatively the end of May, but there are a lot of complicated factors that play into the situation. That time period might have a missed release here or there as well.

I would like to offer my profound thanks to everyone who supports this translation. Every click and link is much appreciated. The vast, vast majority of my income is from this novel, and primarily the sponsors. That is how I make ends meet and support my family. So again, thank you very much, sponsors. For anyone else who would like to support my work, there are other ways including direct donationPatreonmerch purchasesmy recommendations storefrontmy original novel, or my upcoming roleplaying game.

So that’s it for now. I’ll provide more updates as necessary in the coming months.