RMJI Chapter 321

Looking for a proofreader that is available 6-9pm PST. If you are easily able to spot grammatical errors, typos, repeated words, and other such mistakes, please email me at [email protected]

Still some bounties to look at. I will finalize it on Thursday.

Bounty value will decrease starting on Friday.

Wednesday’s Chapter.


Chapter 321

Edited by Barbant.

I am putting a bounty on my series. If you find a very awkwardly worded phrase, a grammar mistake, or something that just doesn’t make sense, please tell me in the discord channel or email me at [email protected] Every successful discovery will add a dollar to queue. It can potentially add up to free sponsored chapters! So please don’t hesitate to bring these errors to attention if you discover something while reading. (Double chapter titles don’t count, they’ll be fixed in due time.)