RMJI Chapter 317

I have a somewhat solemn announcement. Our editor for the past year, Koreanmist, has encountered many real life responsibilities and will no longer have the time to edit. He has been very dedicated in his work for the past year on RMJI and we greatly appreciate his effort. I hope the best for him in future endeavors.

Here’s Saturday's chapter. Please pretend that mistake post didn't happen T.T Bounties... I'll get to counting... Sunday... For sure... hopefully.


Chapter 317

Edited by Barbant. Thank you for the edits, Barbant! They are greatly appreciated.

I am putting a bounty on my series. If you find a very awkwardly worded phrase, a grammar mistake, or something that just doesn’t make sense, please tell me in the discord channel or email me at [email protected] Every successful discovery will add a dollar to queue. It can potentially add up to free sponsored chapters! So please don’t hesitate to bring these errors to attention if you discover something while reading. (Double chapter titles don’t count, they’ll be fixed in due time.)