🥛Well, we said moo...🥛

And 160 of you showed up to say cow! We thought it was a lot of fun. We had so many cow puns, many of which were unexpected. We also had some cow stories, poetry, and other assorted creative endeavors with cow. None of which we expected! We figured a bunch of people would show up to post cow and go on with their lives. But it turned out to be a truly random and fun thing for all of us to do. AND WE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO DO SOME GOOD! We threw a ton of money at Doctors Without Borders. Not insane money or anything like that. But all in all, we'd call this a pretty successful first go-around at this whole charity fundraising thing. And we made a few mistakes that we learned from, so the next one will work out even better. 

We're throwing up all the receipts from the donations made to Doctors Without Borders on here, so you guys can see them too. We managed to raise a grand total of: $434! Some people decided to donate over the promised pledge, others stuck to the terms of the agreement. We decided to go with an inbetween solution. We said we'd do $1 for every 10 cow comments, like everyone else did. Which we donated $16 to Doctors Without Borders for. We also decided to do $16 from the four of us individually, adding another $64 to the total. 

Anyways, you can see how much we managed to raise together for this interesting charity event below. We had a lot of fun doing this, and we'd like to do it again in the future. And hopefully, it'll be bigger and even more fun the next go around!


- Ark 

- BornToBe

- DaoistPiousfire

- MiracleRifle

- The Rise Team

- SatanBarbie

- Shane

- Silence

- Zurg