The Rise Team is Taking A Break Before a Big Arc So We Don't Break In the Middle of It

Hey folks, Shanks here. The RiseCrew is taking a short, three day break this weekend. Sietse’s got exams next week, Devs is working overtime on our super secret project, and I’m in the middle of moving out from campus and back in with my sister. With a new, major tournament arc about to start, this seemed like the only reasonable moment to take a couple of days off.

In short, there will be no new chapters on Friday the 28th, Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th. Rise will return on Monday the 31st with the official start of the Winter Collegiate Cup, the main tournament! Lin Feng and the boys (and girls) are going to be fighting against the big boys from university and the older kids from high school! Yeah, I’m not great at hype. But it’s gonna be lit! Trust me, I read Chinese!

We will be hanging out on the RiseTheWebnovel Discord server over the weekend! So please come by and ping @shanks! Or @devshard! But whatever you do, don’t ping @sietse! (Shanks totally wrote this bit by the way.) We’d love to talk League, life, or anything else!

The RiseCrew wishes everyone a happy weekend and we’ll see all of you on Monday in the comments! Kisses!

Tl;dr: No chapters from May 28-30 → Next chapter on Monday the 31st of May.