And So We Rise Again

What happens when a translation trio made up of a translator who desperately wants everyone to believe that he is good at League of Legends, an editor who briefly managed to hit Master rank but no longer cares about the game, and another editor who... well, the best thing we can say about him is that he has successfully managed to win once against beginner bots finds a novel about a League of Legends God who wants to rebuild his legend? They Rise to the occasion!

Pick up the novel and join Lin Feng as he displays his lightning fast mechanics, Q-ing his way to victory. You'll also enjoy the juxtaposition of Lin Feng's effortless confidence and Shanks' overzealousness to prove that he would have been a pro player if he didn't spend so much time translating. You might even occasionally witness Shanks letting all of you readers know how much he cares about you, because of the sacrifice he made. There's been some rumors (most likely started by Shanks himself) that CLG was interested in him during their early days.

Hey folks! Shanks here. It’s been a long time, huh? Nine whole months since the finale of Rebirth Thief. My son is going to be born any day now. Just kidding. It's only been about 8 months since Rebirth ended, and I am not married. Or having a kid. I enjoyed my brief vacation from the tran-salting mines, but I’m back with a new novel—Rise! And I’ve figured out a way to combine two of my favourite sodium-laden hobbies, League of Legends and translating! 

I’m really excited to bring this project to you guys because it’s not your typical VRMMO nor cultivation story, but it also isn’t completely unrelated to what I’ve been doing before. Beyond that, I just really enjoy translating it, and I absolutely adore the cast. I think there’s a little of something here for everyone. Enjoyable character interactions, immersive action, drama, romance, slice of life, and an exploration into Chinese internet culture, from memes to streamer. Nor does it shy away from addressing some of the more toxic aspects either. Of course, the meat and potatoes is still competitive gaming, ranging from high school tournaments to international events. 

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, if you’ve enjoyed my prior work, I really urge you to give the story a try. The whole translation team has poured their heart and soul into making the story enjoyable, and I think the quality of the work will reflect that, especially after addressing all the feedback we’ve received in sneak peek. For those of you who are coming here from reading chapter 1-50 in sneak peek already, I suggest you go back and reread because there’s some extra stuff for you guys as well.

Hey guys, Sietse here. I’m excited to say that after working together with Shanks for 4 years on Rebirth Thief, we’re still not sick of each other. So, here I am, ready to work my magic on Rise! This started as a hobby for me, something I enjoyed doing in my free time, but it has become so much more. Now I’m making free time for it! Starting in the early days of Rebirth Thief, I’ve always looked to improve myself, and I like to believe that I have. Like the difference between heaven and earth, some might say! But I will let you guys be the judge of that when you start the Rise journey together with us today. I’m looking forward to seeing your comments on the chapters and chatting with you all on discord. Enjoy!

What is up guys? Its Devshard here! 

Man. That sounds so much better when Sykkuno says it. 

Let me try again. I’m Devshard. I edit, I write, I save lives, and I’m on an endless journey to master the art of shitposting IRL. 

What is there really to say that hasn’t been said already? It's a good novel. There are some great jokes. We’re putting a lot into it as a team. One of my grand goals for this project is to finally get good at League. I strongly believe that with every chapter that I edit, my skills become better and better. Shanks disagrees. So does every random person that I’ve played League with in the past couple of months. But what do they know? 

I also like playing TFT, which is the superior version of League of Legends. If any of you want to play a game sometime, hit me up on Discord. 

Important Stuff: 

       1. Schedule: 10 Chapters every week.

                a. 1 Chapter released on MondayTuesdayThursday, and Saturday;

                b. 2 Chapters released on WednesdayFriday, and Sunday.

      2. Sponsorship/Advanced chapters: Available from October, possibly sooner. Tiers TBD, we’ll keep you guys updated on that as we figure it out.

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