He a Pegasus in the Glade

You’re about to hear his neigh

Ringing in your head so loud, loud, loud 

Rise Team here. The guys who brought you classics like PoniBoi Shanks, clickbait chapter titles, and the never-ending journey to the depths of insanity that is Translator Thoughts. And we’ve got another truly terrible idea that’ll blow your minds. And this one is just as insane as everything else we’ve done so far, but we’re starting to gain some momentum. 

So here’s the story. We wanted to do a bunch of things associated with Rise. Artwork, little animated videos, real contests with cool prizes that aren’t gift cards. The works. But we’re really just shitposters and internet degens who happen to translate a novel. That’s as far as our talents go. With the exception of Shanks, who can occasionally transform into a Poni. We can’t draw or do voice acting or anything that requires actual talent. And thus, we did what everyone else does. We went to the people with talent and asked them to make us stuff. 

This is where the surprise twist comes in. They wanted money in exchange for making things for us. That blew our minds. Mainly because we have no money to pay for the things we want to get for Rise. And these guys wanted a lot of money. We needed to monetize the translation somehow to pay the artists. The question was how? We could do what everyone else does, but where’s the fun in that? 

That’s when we put our heads together and did what we do best. Came up with a dumpster fire of an idea. If you look on the sidebar when you read chapters of Rise, you’ll see three new buttons on there. And you’ll see exactly why this is a horrible idea that no one else was stupid enough to attempt before. We’re essentially porting Twitch over to webnovel translations. Because if it works for Twitch streamers, why shouldn’t it work for webnovel translators, right? 


The base concept is simple. We have stream chat in Rise. A conglomeration of random people on the internet watching the characters in the novel on livestream, yeah? But you guys, the readers, are also watching the characters in the novel stream. Thus, you are essentially the same as the viewers on the stream chat. And the first button actually allows you to be a part of stream chat! You send in a message for a $5 donation, and it becomes immortalized as a part of stream chat. Whatever you want to say (with some obvious, common sense terms and conditions). 

The second button is where we really tried to come up with a webnovel version of the Twitch model. There’s space at the start of every chapter. And we decided to do something with that space by turning it into the Reader Squeaker. For a $10 donation, you can send a message in that shows up at the top of the next chapter. Whatever you want to talk about. Stuff in the novel, stuff going on in the world, anything. Well, mostly anything. There are common sense guidelines and terms and conditions. But whatever you send it will not be a transient message on a Twitch stream that disappears in five minutes. Your words, your thoughts, all of that will be immortalized forever at the top of that chapter for as long as Rise stays up. This is either going to evolve into the noble idea that we want it to be where it enhances everyone’s reading experience and enjoyment of the chapter. Or it’ll turn into a raging dumpster fire that we’ll eventually have to remove. But right now, we have no idea which way it’ll go. AND THAT’S WHERE THE FUN IS! 

The third button is for Translator Thoughts. For a $15 donation, you can send us a question or two that you want us to answer in the translator thoughts. Or something specific you want us to talk about. Or you can come hang out and participate in a translator thought. Or anything else you can come up with. This one is completely open. And we’re excited to see what you guys come up with. 

All joking aside, this is a brand new monetization model for webnovels. One that doesn’t really depend on fragmenting the readership or the community that builds around reading a serialized webnovel. And ideally, one that makes reading a chapter way more fun for everyone. If this works out the way we’re hoping, we’ll be able to bring you a lot more content and interesting side-projects around Rise. 

P.S. App and Mobile readers can't see the sidebar, so you'll be able to find the buttons on the front page/table-of-contents for Rise. You can also read more about the whole thing on this page: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/page/rise/rise-donations

-Shanks, Sietse, Devshard