Renegade Immortal has ended

Hello everyone hope you all had a good holidays. As many know Renegade Immortal's translation had completed last week. I like to thank all the readers who had been with me throughout this translation. Especially all the sponsors that had continued to support me despite some rough release schedules at times. I hope you all enjoy this novel over the years. I was informed of a postscript and I have translated. It will be posted when this is posted so enjoy a words from Er Gen after the end of Renegade Immortal.

As for the future I'll continue to translate here, a novel has been picked but I'm still waiting on the legal process to go through so hopefully it will appear in the teaser section soon. It will be difficult to follow up something as amazing as Renegade Immortal has been but I hope you all will enjoy it when it comes out.

Thanks everyone gain for all your support and have a good 2020!!!