Release Schedule Update

A bit of an update on release schedule of chapters going forward. While I have been able to keep up with the promised 14 chapter a week recently but the release schedule has been rather cramp with most of them releasing Sunday afternoon to night my time. I know this has caused some problems for people where their sponsor ran out before they got most of that chapters for that week. So starting next week I'll work to a more spread out released and stabilize to a solid 2 chapter a day in 1-2 weeks (I got spring break in a week so that helps)

As an apology for the crammed release for the last month I'm offering refund to anyone for the month of Feb if you joined or renewed during the month of Feb. Please email [email protected] to process the refund. Thank you all for your continued support!

P.S. Regarding release time please note that I'm in Pacific Standard Time Zone or GMT -8. So if you're wondering about release times please remember to convert to my time.