🌀Red Storm Joins the Collection of Completed Novels🌀

Wow, my first translation comes to a close with that epilogue and author’s final words. It’s an interesting feeling to finish a series. I literally turned to my wife after translating the last part of the author’s final words and said, ‘I did it. I finished a series.’ 

I started this series at the end of June 2017 in the wuxiaworld forums, not knowing what to expect. I was interested in translating, enjoyed the Red Storm manhwa and saw that people wanted to see this series translated. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of my readers and patreon supporters, some who started with me in the forums, some who joined this adventure in the middle, and those who will hop on in the future. I’ve definitely come a long way since those first chapters in the forum. I hope that what started as more of a dialogue with the forum readers (I had way too many translator notes in the beginning and some spoilers) has become more “professional” as I reached these final chapters. If you do see spoilers or annoying translator notes in the middle of the chapter (especially Book 1), please leave a comment. My goal is to fix all of those up and get rid of any that really are annoying or spoilers.

They say that your first always holds a special place in your heart. Red Storm had its ups and downs, but I’m happy that I was able to finish it. I’m sure there will be things I dislike if I went back and read it, but I hope that I was able to share this wonderful world of Red Storm with you.

I personally was upset with the ending, I even ranted to the other translators about how it didn’t make sense. The author claims that all of his stories are in the same fantasy world and that loose ends should get tied up in the future, but based on reviews I have read, it really doesn’t happen.

So what is next for miraclerifle?

First, I plan on finishing my other novel on kobatochan.com called Royal Roader on My Own. It’s a series where the MC is transported into a video game where he used to be an overlord, so he knows a lot of what to do (and he starts from the beginning so this knowledge becomes useful). There’s about 80 chapters of that left for me to translate.

I’m also doing a scanlation on trashscanlations.com called Devil Down Under, which released the first chapter!

I do have a new series in mind that I hope to bring to Wuxiaworld in the future. As for what that series is...that’s a secret for now ;) Let’s just say it is not like any other series to be hosted on Wuxiaworld in that it may not be appropriate for children :3

Thank you all once again for your support and miraclerifle out for now!