New Translator for Records of Dungeon Travel

Hello everyone! Due to some personal reasons, Marumaru will not be able to translate with Wuxiaworld any longer and has passed over the helms to our new hire - Kona! Please give him a warm welcome and also continue to support Records of Dungeon Travel! 

Here's a message from Kona himself:

Hello everyone! I am Kona, a new Korean translator to Wuxiaworld!
I'm a Korean who migrated overseas when I was young, and grew up watching a lot of Korean content while studying English and Chinese. As my passion for Korean-based esports grew, I started to translate articles and interviews in the esports industry. It has been many years since then, and this is also my first time doing translations for a webnovel! I'm pretty excited about this, and I will be taking over the translations for Records of Dungeon Travel. I hope to bring an enjoyable and exciting reading experience for everyone here!

We hope you have enjoyed RDT so far and hope to continue to see us on this journey with Kim Jin-Woo^^