Rebirth Thief Switch to Sponsorship and Change in Release Schedule

Hello, dear readers. To those of you on the front page who are unfamiliar with my series, welcome! 

About four or so years ago, after getting so much enjoyment out of the community—not only from the stories being translated  at that time but also the interactions with my fellow readers—I decided I wanted to give back. So, I started helping out by moderating the r/NovelTranslations subreddit and editing Martial God Asura for Flowerbridgetoo. Eventually, goaded on by him and my other friends like TaffyGirl13 and Deceptioning, I started a series on my own.  And that's how I came to translate Rebirth Thief! ...Not really, my first series actually got poached, haha. But that's a story for another time.

Anyhow, I've watched this community grow since its early inception, and it really fills me with pride to see how big it's become. I really do love it, and that's why I keep translating to this day. I wanted to keep this passion of mine purely as a hobby. For that reason, I resisted this change for so long. and I'm deeply grateful to Ren for allowing me to do so. However, I can no longer afford that luxury. I've had a very tumultuous past year, which is why there's been occasional delays in releases. Now that I've finally regained a sense of normalcy, I'm pleased to announce that Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World will switch as of today to the tiered advanced chapter system. The regular releases will increase from 3 to 7 a week for the first month as I make the transition, then eventually to 10 a week. 

To my readers who've stuck with me over the years, I truly appreciate your support. Getting to interact with you guys and read your comments is one of the few highlights of my day. I look forward to providing chapters at the same high quality that I take pride in as before, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy my translations for a long time to come!