ROF - The End

Hi everyone! Today marks the end for ROF! Although I have already mentioned this in my thoughts in the final chapter, I want to thank everyone again for all your love and support!! Thinking back on how things started, Kakaoo was actually the one who started translating this novel, but then the project remained as a teaser on volare for quite some time. Thanks to our readers’ request, we have decided to license this novel and continue translating it. Also, I would like to specially thank Kakaoo and the rest of our ROF Team (Kiki, Cosy, J.Andie, Grace, Cookies, PurpleDragon) for making this project possible. As for my thoughts on the novel itself… ROF started out so good, but then it was a rollercoaster ride for me while translating this. Overall, ROF was not that bad if we were to exclude the Lina and Sven interactions. At least, we got a cute side story centered around Xiao Zhuangzhuang and Xiao Tiantian in the end, right? :P

By the way, if you're looking for other female MC novels to read after ROF, you can check out Kakaoo's previous project The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife and the ongoing Poison Genius Consort by Ruyi if you like fantasy and romance. There’s also etvo's ongoing Return of the Swallow, and Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei by 1314dreamer. Since I’m already recommending some,  I will shamelessly promote the other modern novel I have translated alongside Kakaoo: Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama. If you don’t mind angst and drama, then you can give this a try.

Other members of our team have also shared their thoughts below! What are your final thoughts?

Thanks again for sticking with us till the end!!

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I really enjoyed reading ROF at the beginning. It felt like I was reading one of those dramas I typically love to watch. But eventually, I got really tired of it. Haha. I really disliked how Sven raped Lina and basically destroyed her life. But the sweet short stories of Xiao Zhuangzhuang and Xiao Tiantian really made up for it. I hope the author would write a sequel! Hope you guys enjoyed the novel. Thanks for reading! <3

I'm the translator of Supernatural Girlfriend, Your Highness, I Know My Wrongs, Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao (270- the end), as well as The Eunuch Is Pregnant! Please do give them a try! <3 They are all completed, so you can binge!



To think that ROF has come to an end. It feels like it has only been yesterday where I was still working on translating the chapters. I hope you guys have enjoyed the novel and that it has provided everyone some entertainment during the pandemic. As much as I really hate what happened between Sven and Lina, I felt that their appearance and story in the novel served as a reminder that people like this actually exists in the society and rather than hoping and thinking that the world should be filled with better people, let's put that thought into action such that ourselves, our children, people around us should never ever end up being a Sven or Lin Yan. I think I disliked Lin Yan a lot too. But anyway! Thanks for sticking with us till the end~

I'm in the midst of preparing the launch of a new novel, "Physician, Not Consort!" And I hope that you guys will get to read it soon <3



Wow, I can't believe that ROF's finished already! It felt like only yesterday when I joined the ROF team, but I guess time flies by when you're having fun :3. One of my favorite aspects about ROF is how 'international' it is; I was so surprised when I saw them mention ABCs and foreign exchange students! It's something I rarely ever see in Chinese web novels, so it always hypes me up when other countries and ABCs like me get recognized in mainland.

I'm super grateful to Yuna and the rest of the ROF team for taking care of me, even with all the silly mistakes I've often did. It's been a stressful, but super fun journey working with everyone! Psst, if anyone's thinking of trying to translate for themselves, come check out my site,! We're a hobbyist group with over 50 translators, no minimum release rate, and no rules- perfect for newbie translators!