Blip's Ending Message For All Dear Readers of PPC

Hey guys, been a long one (I hope) and honestly, the ending left me hanging a little. Honestly, the plot was great, and it was something I never expected myself to enjoy while translating. Guess the author managed to prove me wrong on that. Anyway, I understand that the story progressed pretty quickly especially at the last arc, and it felt a little rushed to say the least. I hoped that the author would have gone on to tie up the loose ends (Silver-haired man) and I really wanted to see Cai Ling appear in the last few chapters. Was a shame nothing happened between Ling Xian’er and Ying Lan though. Whatever the case, that’s the way the author ended the story whether we liked it or not. Grateful to all of you for following me along the way, and while this wasn’t the best ending, or at least the one I hoped for, it was a fulfilling ride. -blip 

if you wanna throw some shade or catch up on what I’m currently translating, catch me @blipbloc on twitter -not a shoutout(or is it) ;) catch you in the next one.