Perfect World Chapter 800 Mini-Event

Hi friends. To celebrate the 800th chapter of Perfect World, I decided that I would hold a 'mini-event'. 


After careful contemplation and not a random thought I had while eating pizza and drinking mountain dew, I have decided that I really need to work on my owed chapters that have stacked up due to the retreat, sick days, and real life events. I am really grateful that some of you have suggested that I forget about them, but I personally feel that doing so would be irresponsibility from my part, and I owe it to all the loyal readers and supporters to deliver what I have promised. 

As such, tomorrow, starting from whenever I wake up, I will start a 24 hour translating spree/run/idk. After the two releases of PW and DH, I will then continue translating PW for the remaining 24 hours, releasing whatever I end up accomplishing. Hopefully, the caffeine I inject into my veins will propel me through this trial of fire. 


The second part of this mini-event will be a 'popularity contest', similar to what I did all the way back in chapter 343. So much has changed, and I am interested in seeing which characters all of you enjoy reading about the most! You may vote on any character you want, and this time, you can put your top five favorite characters. All you have to do is leave a comment below with your top five, and I'll tally it up! 

Have fun! if i stop translating halfway call an ambulance