Overthrowing Fate Chapter 153 (Complete)

Chapter 153: True Happiness

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Betaread by Soultorrent and Ben



Thank you everyone for having followed Overthrowing Fate. Overthrowing Fate has come to an end, and I hope you all feel it ended in a satisfactory manner.

Overthrowing Fate is a novel which I have poured in a lot of love. I have hated it at times, but loved it much more than I can ever start to explain. I had such grand plans for the novel, but then I realized that Xu Min did not wish to become some sort of super powerful cultivator, what he wanted was to get his revenge and true happiness. He wanted a life together with the ones he cared about rather than spending his youth and her lifetime cultivating.

Overthrowing Fate has ended. It is a strange feeling to end a series, I have never experienced it before. I feel somewhat empty inside, but also incredibly proud. I am satisfied with the ending and I hope you are too.

Now that Overthrowing Fate is done I will spend my entire energy on Blue Phoenix. I will still try to finish it before year 2018, but I cannot promise anything - I just realized that the year is soon over.

I hope you will continue to enjoy Blue Phoenix and support me in the future.

Kind Regards



And to finish the story I will post some concept art of Xu Min:

Xu Min getting strangled by his urge to get revenge

Xu Min and Cao Cao

Xu Min and Cao Cao

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