Special Events Celebrating Overgeared's 1000th Chapter (Lots of Cash Prizes to be Won)!!!

Greetings everyone, 

In celebration of Overgeared's 1000th chapter that will soon be released, I am holding a variety of events that everyone can join in, have fun and have a chance to win some cash prizes. 

First Event: Fanart Contest

The first event is a fanart contest, which will hopefully turn out to have more entries than some of the previous contests on Wuxiaworld (cough cough). There will be two categories and you can check out the specific rules, prizes and deadlines in the links below:

Character Art Contest

Scene Art Contest

Second Event: Writing Contest

The second event is a writing contest where you can write a story or poem about Overgeared and go into the draw to win some cash prizes. Check out the link below:

Writing Contest

Third Event: Giving a review

Write a review for Overgeared on the page below and five reviewers will be randomly selected to win a cash prize. 

Reviews Page

Fourth Event: Polls

I will once again be holding some polls. There are no prizes with this event but it is a chance to have some fun and give your opinion of characters in the novel.

Polls Page

Last Event: 

I will be holding a Q&A on Wuxiaworld's Discord at midnight 11th May, 2019. Come by if you want to ask any questions or just have a chat. You can check out what time it is for you with the link below:

World Clock