Overgeared News (Holiday, New Schedule, Cut off Chapters, Advance Chapters)

Hey everyone, I have several things I have to talk about so please read it all. 

First all, Overgeared is back sooner than expected? Yay? I actually though I would be getting a month's break and planned a holiday. I will be flying to Vietnam on the 4th December and spending almost two weeks there. Chapters will still go out as usual because I have some stockpile now that my$80 and $100 tiers are no longer active.

Second, new schedule. I will be going down to five chapters a week tomorrow, like originally planned, I also won't be making up for the week of missed chapters. Like I said, I don't want to catch up to the author too quickly. I would rather get an extra few months at five chapters a week, than do seven chapters (make up chapters) then suddenly have to go down to four chapters a week. 

Third, there have been issues with older chapters having the end of the chapter cut off, leaving parts of the chapter missing. They tend to be pretty obvious since they are cut off in the middle of a sentence. If you notice this then please let me know in comments or discord and someone will fix it as soon as possible.

Advance chapter tiers are still invisible but they should be going up soon. I don't know what happened to the advance chapters during this time, if they have given credits or refunds yet since the novel never actually went invisible. Anyone who wants a refund or credit for that time, please contact Jaspaaar through the wuxiaworld email or discord and he will handle things. 

$80-$100 tiers - The deleting on the 22nd November went off track because of all this. I've noticed that some people are still subscribed to this tier. I am giving you one more week to cancel your subscription and get refunds/credits. No new chapters will be updated in these tiers. They are officially dead.