Overgeared 1,000th Chapter Contest Results

Hello everyone, we have reached 1,000 chapters for Overgeared! Hooray! I have hosted a series of events to celebrate this and here are the results. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

For the people who won a cash prize, please email me at [email protected] with your paypal email and a screenshot of your wuxiaworld profile name and profile picture. The most important part is to include the name. Example below. 

First, I will announce the result of the reviews contest. Five people who were randomly picked using an online name picker. Congratulations to the following people who have won $20 USD: 

  1. Goldace2
  2. DatWunDud
  3. Zaffran
  4. CookieMaster
  5. Reminise

Next is the result of the Overgeared writing contest. Congratulations to:

1st place (75 USD): Infermity, Story Title - Persevere

2nd place (50 USD): TheClosen. Story Title - His Master and Father

3rd place (25 USD): Drewsoupher. Story Title - The Prince and the Dragon 

You can check out the winning entries at this link: Overgeared Writing Contest

Overgeared Character Fanart result. Congratulations to: 

First place (100 USD): Irene 1 - Artist Istellia

Second place (75 USD): Irene 3 - Artist LadyAmnesia

Third place (50 USD): Irene 4 - Artist justjny 

Poll Winner (25 USD): Yura 1- Artist atettmara

(Just noticed I really like the Irene artworks)

Character Fanart Winners Page

Overgeared Scene Fanart result. Congratulations to: 

First place (150 USD): Piaro Farming - Artist yuniq

Second place (125 USD): Grid VS Kraugel - Artist Feyn

Third place (100 USD): Demon King Grid & Players - Artist atettmara

Poll Winner (50 USD): Grid and Khan - Artist Istellia

Scene Fanart Winners Page

Thank you to everyone who put in the effort to draw something. I really loved many entries and had a hard time picking.

Finally, there are the results of the polls. First up, the favourite male character poll.

As can be seen here, Grid is the obvious first place with almost 35% of the votes. He is followed by Faker at almost 12% of the votes. Then Piaro, Lord and Braham have a fairly similar number of votes. Characters who I forgot but received some votes include Huroi, Sticks, Pon, Madra, Toban etc. 

Next is the favourite female character poll. 

This result is also fairly obvious. Yura got first with almost 34% of the votes while Jishuka, Irene and Mercedes were pretty even around 15% of the votes. Other female characters voted for that weren't on the poll included Grid's mother, Nefelina and Goddess Rebecca.

Last is the favourite pairing result. 

Grid and Yura came first with 22% of the votes. Lord & the Rebecca's Daughters and Bland & the Rainbow Potatoes came second and third. Least favourite pairing was Grid X Yerim with only one vote. Other people also voted for Grid X Marie Rose, Grid X Sehee, Ashur x Rainbow Potato x Bland, Yura x Grid x Jishuka etc. 

Well, that's it for now. This was fun and I hope to do another one in the future!