OG Dates Wrong in Previous Announcement, Please Read this Update!

Hey guys, sorry but I was sleep deprived when I posted my previous announcement and only just realized I got the dates wrong. I have deleted the previous announcement, but have copied it below with the updated dates for people to read. The most important changes for those who have already read the announcement: 

First Monday of December (Not January) = Down to 5 chapters a week

$80 and $100 tier deletion = 22nd of November (Not December).

OG Advance Chapters & Schedule Final Changes:

This is important information for all advance chapter sponsors and readers of Overgeared so please read. 

This will be the final schedule for a while. There shouldn't be any changes and I will let you know if there are. 

  1. First Monday of November = Down to 7 chapters a week
  2. First Monday of December = Down to 5 chapters a week and this should last for a few months until I get too close to the author.

Important advance chapters information. PLEASE READ FOR ALL SPONSORS: 

Starting from tomorrow, I will be putting a pause to my $80 and $100 tier. This means that no new people can subscribe to the tier, but the subscriptions of those already subscribed to the tier are still intact. 

This is a one month notice for all current sponsors of those tiers, giving them a chance to finish their current subscription. Chapters will still be uploaded until the 22nd of November, when I will be deleting the $80 and $100 tiers. Therefore, please make sure that you stop your subscription before that happens. 

I advise that as soon as you read this, you cancel your subscription straight away. This means that it won't be renewed once one month passes, but you will still get access to advance chapters for the remaining time of your subscription. 

This only applies for the $80 and $100 tiers so any others sponsors can just continue as you are.