OG Releases Short Hiatus Due to Author's Health

Hi everyone, 

OG's author is currently on a two week break because they are in poor health and need rest and treatment. The publishing company said that the author will return either on the 13th or 16th of December, but it might take longer depending on the author's state. 

I have a one week buffer to the raws from the last advanced chapter (meaning I have enough chapters to release for another week), but I need this one week buffer because due to my busy schedule, I translate all of the week's chapters on one day, and this tends to be the start of the week. This means that I can't be caught up with the author and following the days when the release it. E.g. I translate chapters on Monday and author releases chapters throughout the week. This means that if I am following the author without a buffer, all chapters for the week might end up released on Sunday and I don't want that.

TLDR~ OG is paused for two weeks until the author starts releasing again. Any sponsors who want a refund can ask for one by emailing wuxiaworld.