No Chapters for a Week

Sorry guys, I need to take a one week break. 

In fact, I've been worrying a lot the last few days because I've been gradually getting sick. I took the coronavirus test and fortunately, I just received news today that it is negative. I just have the common cold or flu. However, I am still sick and exhausted from overworking. These last few weeks or so have been a trying time for people in the health field.

As a result and on the advice of my doctor, I am going to take a one week break to rest, get better and recharge my batteries.

The remaining chapters for this week have already been done and scheduled to be automatically posted. There will be no chapters starting from Monday and will hopefully only be a week. I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes.

Edit: If you're a sponsor then you can email Wuxiaworld to ask for a partial refund if required.